Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To the Pathfinders.

For a long time I have been in a serious funk that I am just now beginning to emerge from. Thanks in part to some new and interesting people that I have recently met and some various support services, I have come to see that not only is it not as bad as I sometimes think things are, but also that I am not alone in my suffering in pursuit of happiness. I think perhaps we are all trying to get from the land of misery to the land of bliss at some time or times in our lives. Although these times get rough in some instances, they are drastically compounded when we feel as though we are going it alone. And by alone, I mean without human companionship and/or friendship. I find that sometimes we are meant to experience parts of our lives alone in order to find the equilibrium required to be a successful member of the right community, resulting in deeper and more meaningful relationships.

I have a saying that “Time tells all things true.”, so perhaps, in time,
I will be able to confirm my ideas.

In a sense we all become way-finders sooner or later.

Thanks to all who have gone before me in my endeavor to find my way.

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