Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bipolar America: Choice or Choiceless? You decide (or not).

I just recently learned what noodling is from a couple of cute girls the other day. Sometimes I think maybe I'd be better off just noodling through life, letting everyone but myself make all of my decisions for me. Letting group thought and action and reaction pervade all aspects of my life. Like crowd surfing at a concert. Anticipating and projecting what they think I need or want, which essentially throttles free will and the ability to choose. It would certainly make me feel cleaner in a filthy world. Don't get me wrong, some filth is not a bad thing.

I mean, even in our drug use, some of us  speedball because we can't decide if we'd rather be up or down. Now we have designer drugs like ecstasy so we can go in every possible emotional direction at the same time. And this phenomena also bleeds into our sex culture. I think that's why some people are into group sex or having more than one sexual relationship at the same time, because it's choiceless. They get it all in one sitting! Not having to make choices also frees us (at a very high price) from the responsibility of setting priorities. But who needs priorities when we've built a system (of government and commerce) that sets our priorities for us. Where statistics dictate our every action and reaction. Whatever, I guess. Making individual choices is overrated anyway. Who wants to think for themselves when we've got an automated society to think for us, absolving us from any responsibility or culpability?

I've often been told that lettings go is the key to solving many of life's challenges. Is it really though? I want to let go, I really do, but I'm scared that it will mean becoming another faceless, senseless drone within the hive mind of an already oblivious world, devoid of understanding how it affects the individual.

Let's make up our individual minds or our collective conscience America! The choice is ours, if we choose to make it.

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