Thursday, November 16, 2017

A bit of Sex.

So, let’s talk about sex a bit. Really, it’s time for us to have "the talk" America! If for no other reason than the sake of our country’s posterity.

I’ve been single for almost ten years now with little to no sex in the time past. Mostly it’s because of me. My timing sucks royally, I’m overly discerning about everything, I’m classic in my views about dating and courtship, and I have a few personality quirks that don’t exactly add up to some, who are spectating from afar. Trust me when I say that I hear you, and I only wish that someday I will be better understood.

Often, I am vocal about my loneliness because I feel that if I don’t allow people to know where I am emotionally, then they will not know where I need experience in my life. The problem is that not all advice is equal, especially when it’s coming from other men, and even less so when it's coming from men who you’re not sure whether or not they have a vested interest in your heterosexuality. At any rate, I’ve grown weary of taking advice about women from only swinging dicks. It seems a little skewed.

Some of my male acquaintances have said “It’s a numbers game!”. Insisting that the more women you approach and talk to, the better the odds of getting laid. As a man of science, that logic, on the surface, does seem to make sense. But does it really though? I personally don’t want to wake up to the woman I slept with the night before, who out of the number of women I hit on, was the one who finally said “Ok.”, thinking, “Yay! I won the lottery.”. I wonder how women would feel when they realized that they were the winning number. I would like to think that there is a little more forethought, conviction, intention and discernment in choosing to approach someone you might like to spend some of your time in life with. If it’s only about the sex, then “Next!”. Ok so, I admit that numbers do factor into how many relationships a person has in any given span of time, but does that mean I should go balls out and 90-to-nothing asking every woman I meet for attention, just to create a stream of sex? I should hope not. But, that’s not what society tells me. Society says, “There’s an app for that!”.

Sourced from Google Images.
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Sourced from Google Images.
E-mail me for credit.
There seems to be an app for everything thing these days, for everything from star maps to dictionary’s for words that rhyme, so it’s no surprise that there’s a slew of dating apps. I personally do not use, and have not used, any dating apps as of yet. That’s not to say that I won’t at some point, or that I’m against using them. I just want to exhaust every possible alternative before doing so. Excuse me if it seems classic to want to have real conversations, face to face, with real women.

Some people in our society believe we, as a civilization, have become far too dependent on technology. I tend to agree where it concerns interpersonal relationships. I’d rather not push a button to send an electronic message to tell someone, “Hey, I’m interested!”. And I personally do not want to become dependent on binary or, even worse, quantum algorithms to decide the fate of my dating life all for a little attention and a bit (or qubit) of sex...

Michael Champion

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